Restaurant Delivery Service Success requires successful restaurant delivery service drivers—here are some common traits to look for.

Could this be the most challenging time in history for restaurants?

Hiring good team members certainly hasn’t gotten any easier. We thought the workers might come back when unemployment benefits ended, but it hasn’t turned out that way. At the same time, demand for restaurant food and delivery demand just keeps growing.

It’s tough for restaurants to stay on top of these conflicting needs. However, your restaurant delivery service (RDS) can provide some relief to restaurants as they scramble to find good employees. In addition, your team can become an extension of theirs by taking ownership of the delivery experience to keep their focus in-house.

This is especially important right now. The academic school year is well underway, which means we’ve entered the busy season for food delivery. And with winter approaching, more and more people will order delivery rather than brave the cold for their favorite meal. So it would help to staff as soon as possible, so you’re ready.

What makes for a successful delivery driver?

When you’re hiring delivery drivers, there are a few essential things to look for. Some of these may seem obvious, but they’re all important.

Does this person have a car?

It seems obvious, but this should be one of the first things you ask. Someone who doesn’t have a reliable vehicle can’t be a reliable delivery driver.

Is this person comfortable with the local area?

A good delivery driver should be pretty familiar with the city and know their way around. Of course, your delivery software should have a robust mapping feature, but even the best GPS can miss things. You want someone who can adapt quickly without getting flustered if they come across an unexpected detour. Someone who gets lost easily won’t make for a good delivery driver.

Is this person reliable?

In this hiring market, finding people you can count on is more challenging than you think. Thankfully, it’s easy to screen out unreliable candidates. For example, if someone doesn’t show up to an in-person interview, you can’t expect them to show up to work. But if a candidate arrives on time, prepared for their interview, they’ll probably be a reliable teammate.

Does this person have a good attitude?

If someone orders restaurant delivery, they’re only going to have one human interaction throughout the process: The delivery driver. This person is the ambassador of both the restaurant and your RDS. Your restaurant clients are counting on you to hire people that will represent them well. You don’t want an awkward, grumpy delivery driver who will leave a bad impression.

Of course, you don’t need to hire a team of relentlessly chipper Pollyannas. You just need friendly people who smile, say hello and make eye contact when they drop off a delivery. It’s good for business, and it’s good for morale. A team with a good attitude is going to be much happier and more efficient.

Does this person show basic common sense?

Restaurant delivery service success is not rocket science, but it does require some basic problem-solving. There are a few general rules to follow to ensure smooth delivery and a quality meal. For example, here are some areas where common sense would apply:
Hot and cold foods shouldn’t be packed next to each other in the car.

Soup containers and other liquids should be secured and upright so they don’t leak or spill.

Nothing should be at risk of flying off a seat or tipping over in the event of a sharp turn.

A good delivery driver should take a moment to think these things through. A little forethought can mean the difference between a beautiful presentation upon delivery—or a big mess.

A few tactics for finding good restaurant delivery service drivers.

RDSs are not immune to the same hiring challenges as restaurants. But here are six tactics that will help you find the right people for your RDS.

  1. In our experience, Craigslist is an excellent place to look for delivery drivers.
  2. Make sure you’re offering fair pay and good benefits. That’s what we did!
  3. Follow up with applicants as fast as possible. If you wait too long, someone else will hire them.
  4. Do a phone interview first, no more than 15-30 minutes. This will help you eliminate people who aren’t a good fit.
  5. Invite your best candidates to stop by for an in-person interview. Make sure you’re communicating with them regularly to keep them engaged in the process.
  6. Be prepared to make offers quickly!

Remember, your delivery drivers are representatives for both you and your restaurant clients. When they do their job well, it reflects positively on everyone involved. The customer is happy, the restaurant is satisfied, everyone keeps coming back, and your restaurant delivery service success becomes much easier to achieve.