Food delivery is a hot market, but to compete, you’ve got to deliver hot food.

Introducing WISDOM, restaurant delivery software made to heat up your profits.

Are you a Restaurant Delivery Service provider…

  • … using a patchwork of systems to fulfill orders, and organize delivery?
  • … learning more about Excel than you wanted to?
  • … living with a system that’s slow, clunky and lacks order visibility?

Or, are you a Restaurant Owner who’s sick of…

  • … paying premium third party delivery fees?
  • … dealing with the learning curve associated with bringing delivery in-house?
  • … not knowing which Restaurant Delivery Service to trust?
  • … struggling to manage driver hours and the delivery process effectively?
  • … third party delivery companies destroying your customer experience?

We Created A Solution For You

It all started with a part time delivery driver, and self-professed computer nerd, who envisioned a better process. In the late ‘90s online restaurant delivery was practically unheard of. Customers had to go through multiple steps to order delivery. Meanwhile, restaurant owners had little control over the quality and speed of their deliveries. The Internet created an opportunity for better customer experiences and a way for owners to manage their delivery system. We understood the industry and the technology to improve it. Our solution was WISDOM.

Since its inception, the WISDOM platform has evolved and grown to half a billion food deliveries processed over 18 million orders across the US. We process hundreds of thousands of orders every month. Along the way, we have added additional applications to WISDOM in order to scale and meet the growing needs of restaurants and delivery services. Whether you manage a fleet of three or 300, our food delivery software platform enables flawless execution at a single, affordable rate of $99.00 per month.

What We Make

computer screen with letter W

Our Robust Dispatch System
WISDOM stands for “Web Interface Supporting Delivery Order Management” — it’s the brain (and the heart) of what DataDreamers does. When you buy DataDreamers, you’re buying WISDOM and all of its powerful features.

iphone with order ticket icon

Our Restaurant Management App
Our custom restaurant management app is the most effective way for your restaurant partners to receive and manage orders, as it communicates directly with the WISDOM interface. From the app, they can also update their menus on your site and post images of their food.

GPS and phone icon

Our Driver Communication App
Available for both iOS and Android, our driver app streamlines the delivery process by providing drivers with navigation through Google maps, one-tap order confirmation and status updates, and quick communication with dispatch, restaurants, and customers.

Got questions? We’re answer people.