Is your Restaurant Delivery Service (RDS) seeking new ways to expand its customer base?

Here at DataDreamers, we talk a lot about delivering great food to people’s homes. But have you ever considered targeting local businesses and office buildings for restaurant delivery? Plenty of people opt for restaurant food over bringing lunch from home. But what about busy days when there’s just no time to go out? Your RDS can come to the rescue!

Today, we’re sharing four great strategies for attracting corporate food delivery clients. These tips can help you bring in new business by connecting with customers where they work.

Drop off free food.

This is probably the best promotional strategy out there for a restaurant delivery service (RDS). Who doesn’t love free food? Make a list of local businesses or offices you’d like to target. Then pick up the phone and offer to deliver lunch for free one day. No one’s going to say no to that!

Of course, you’ve got to make sure it’s a fantastic lunch. Talk to your favorite restaurant partners and kick around ideas together. They might be willing to split the cost or collaborate on a coupon as well. And don’t be afraid to partner up with a few different restaurants. Maybe one can do the sandwiches, while another supplies dessert. Be creative and make it a memorable meal.

Remember to include a stack of flyers and coupons so they know who to call when they get hungry.

Remind them about catering.

Of course, it’s excellent if individual employees are placing delivery orders regularly. But many offices spring for group lunches and team meetings on a fairly regular basis. In fact, many businesses rely on free meals as an inexpensive way to boost morale and build rapport. Some restaurants even reported a huge spike in catering orders as workers returned to the office after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

You can get in on the action by delivering catered meals yourself. Talk to your restaurant partners and see who offers catering. Make up a flyer and put a page on your website listing all your great options. And be creative: Sandwiches, burritos, curry—the sky’s the limit!

Don’t forget about breakfast!

Office workers are famously enthusiastic about surprise donuts, bagels, or coffee in the breakroom first thing in the morning. But it can be a hassle to swing by the bakery while battling morning traffic. You can save someone the trip by offering delivery instead. Be sure to tell your office customers they can delegate Friday donuts or the midweek coffee run to you. Just make sure you figure out coverage for those early morning deliveries. If your RDS doesn’t usually open until midday, you’ll need to find someone to cover the breakfast shift.

Leverage the split payment feature.

Anyone who’s ever placed a group delivery order understands the frustration of settling up. Figuring out who owes whom, and how much, can be a pain. The hassle may put people off ordering delivery entirely.

Thankfully, there’s a way around this. Restaurant delivery software DataDreamers offers a frustration-free split payment feature. Be sure to advertise so that your customers can split payments right in the app. If they know it’s easy, and they won’t have to remind anyone to pay them back for the tacos, all that hesitation is gone.

If you’re ready to expand your restaurant delivery service to include corporate customers, consider investing in DataDreamers. DataDreamers is a restaurant delivery software designed by RDS owners and food delivery professionals. DataDreamers is packed with user-friendly features and leverages AI to ensure an efficient delivery experience. If you’re looking to make a great impression on a potential corporate customer, you can count on DataDreamers to help.

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