Tips for turning game day into payday for your restaurant food delivery.

In the United States, football season starts in early September and runs until February. Football games draw millions of viewers, many of whom prefer to watch the game at home.

An integral part of the experience is the food. One of the Big 3 actually ran a study on popular football game fare. Your RDS can use this information to make good money during football season by bringing your local football fans their favorite gametime grub.

Do your research on football and “football food.”

Start by taking stock of your restaurant partners’ menus and see who’s offering gametime favorites. Some obvious classics include wings, pizza, burgers, and dips. Don’t forget about the regional favorites too, like cheese curds in Wisconsin or fish-based foods in coastal areas. Pull together a list of what might appeal to football fans for the big game.

Next, get your hands on a game schedule for any teams with a local following. Some parts of the country are loyal to a single team, while others are split by regional rivalries. Make sure you know when these teams are playing.

Do a little restaurant delivery marketing before every game.

An upcoming game, especially an important one, is a great excuse to send out a marketing email. Let your audience know that you can drop off their game-time favorites, so they can focus on cheering for their team. Don’t overdo it — there are a lot of games every season! — but don’t be afraid to send out a reminder.

You might offer a few promotions, too, such as a free two-liter of soda if they spend enough money. Talk to your restaurant partners to see if they want to offer any promos themselves. They may already offer game-day specials that could translate well to delivery.

Make restaurant delivery on game day fun!

Football games give you a chance to get creative and make your customers smile. Here are a few fun ideas:

  • Encourage your drivers to wear their team’s jersey, hat, or other gear on the job, to get in the spirit.
  • Post fun polls on social media. Ask your followers to vote on their favorite game-day foods or who they think is going to win. You could even design a season-long bracket, akin to March Madness, pitting different foods against each other.
  • Hold a contest. Encourage your followers to post a photo of their game-day delivery spread on social media and tag your RDS. Draw names or pick your favorite, and award them with a gift card or free delivery. Your restaurant partners may be willing to kick in a prize too.

Get your restaurant food delivery drivers prepped for the big day.

If you’re anticipating a big influx of orders on game day, make sure you schedule enough drivers to meet demand! This can be tough if you have a lot of football fans working for you. You might consider offering a bonus for anyone willing to skip the game in favor of work.

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