How your RDS can navigate hiring challenges, even when the employment market is tough.

The restaurant industry, including delivery, has experienced significant staffing challenges since 2020. Many restaurants and RDSs have struggled to hire and retain good employees, which leads to other issues running the business. This may include providing consistent service, maintaining your operating hours, and more.

However, many restaurants and RDSs have found creative and effective ways to find and keep great workers. Your RDS can borrow these strategies to create a more stable employee base, even when the hiring market is tough.

Here are four ideas for recruiting and retaining good RDS employees:

Be intentional about pay and benefits.

You simply can’t be competitive in the employment market without offering a competitive wage. Do a little research and see what similar jobs in your area are offering. Make sure you’re matching or beating them. And don’t hesitate to get creative. Can you offer regular bonuses? What about profit sharing?

Of course, you can’t replace a good paycheck with other benefits. But additional benefits can give you a real advantage over your competitors. What else can you offer? Flexible scheduling? A consistent schedule or hours? A healthcare stipend? 

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Get creative about recruiting.

Think beyond the traditional hiring pipelines. Where can you connect with people looking for work? Local colleges and universities are a great place to start, as are community centers. These groups often help people with job training and placement opportunities. You can be part of that. You might even consider offering to speak at one of these programs. It’s a great way to meet people and get your RDS’s name out there.

You might also consider a generous employee referral bonus. Get your employees involved with recruitment by turning it into an opportunity to score a little extra cash.

Talk to your current employees—and don’t take them for granted.

The people who work for you now are an excellent source of intel on the current employment market. They can also offer you pretty valuable insight into what it’s like to work for you. Don’t be afraid to ask! What do they like about the work? What do they not like? What would incentivize them to stick around? Who are the other good employers in town? You might consider collecting this information anonymously via Google Forms or something similar. And be prepared with a thick skin! It’s not always easy to get feedback, but it’s important. If you understand what they don’t like, you can change it. If you understand what they do like, you can leverage that to hire more people.

More importantly, don’t take your current employees for granted. These people are your most valuable assets. Make sure you’re taking care of them. Offer training and advancement opportunities, and ask them what they want. Otherwise, many won’t hesitate to go elsewhere.

Make it easier for your workers to do their jobs.

No one likes a needlessly complex task, especially in a high-speed environment like the restaurant industry. Investing in good technology can make even the most stressful parts of the day easier for your workers.

For restaurant delivery services, this means excellent restaurant delivery software. DataDreamers is packed with features designed to make things easier, safer, and more efficient for your RDS. This includes:

  • A fast routing tool that finds the most efficient route between your driver’s different stops.
  • Hands-free notifications so drivers can keep their eyes on the road.
  • A carefully engineered communications dashboard so you don’t lose track of messages from restaurants, drivers, and customers.

DataDreamers was built by restaurant delivery service industry veterans who know what a good system looks like. And with transparent pricing, you can enjoy these user-friendly tools without the fear of a hefty surprise bill.

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