Restaurant delivery email marketing

Your RDS can get priority access to your customer’s inboxes by sending really great emails.

It’s no secret that everyone’s inboxes are full of clutter these days. Lots of people get 100—or more—emails every day, and a lot of those messages are spam. Many email users deal with the onslaught of junk by just deleting it, if not unsubscribing altogether.

That being said, email is also an extremely valuable marketing tool—if you’re smart about it. If you send too many low-value messages, you’re likely to get yourself banned from your customers’ inboxes. But you’re strategic and act with restraint, email is an excellent way to connect with your customers.

In simple terms, if you’re going to send an email, you need a really, really good reason.

Here are five truly good reasons to send a marketing email:

One of your RDS’s restaurant clients is running a promotion.

People love to feel like they’re saving money, even if it’s just a few bucks. Restaurants know this and are always finding clever ways to offer discounts and specials. If one of your restaurant partners is running a promotion or special deal, tell your customers! This is especially great email content if it’s a limited-time deal. You can create a sense of urgency that compels people to order.

Your restaurant clients have a new menu item.

Whether it’s an album, a movie, or a great meal, we love it when our favorites release something new. Your customers are bound to get excited about a new dish, and it’s a great reason to send an email.

That being said, it’s possible to overdo it. For example, you might work with two smoothie shops who release new flavors every week. You definitely don’t need to send an email for every single one—especially since not all of your customers like smoothies.

You might consider sending out a monthly “what’s new” roundup. Once a month, ask all your restaurant partners about any new additions to the menu, and share them all at once.

It’s your customer’s birthday.

There’s a reason why every restaurant, coffee shop, and boutique gives out birthday treats: It works! People notice when their favorite brands go out of their way to make them feel special. And that little freebie or discount usually compels someone to spend some extra money. If you’re getting a free Starbucks latte, why not spring for a cake pop, too?

A restaurant delivery service can have a lot of fun with birthday promos. Maybe you give them free delivery on their birthday or $10 off their order. You might even partner up with one oor two of your restaurant clients to offer something special. For example, your customer could get a free treat, like a cupcake, if they spend $35 at that restaurant. Be creative!

There’s a big event coming up.

What do the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day have in common? They’re the three most popular days of the year for food delivery. And yet some people may not realize that they can get their wings or chocolates delivered! Send out a few notes in the weeks leading up to the big day so people can prepare. Make sure you include details about the perfect menu items for a big win or a romantic night.

Business is slow.

The slow season is a little different for every RDS, but for many of us, it’s summertime. Without anything specific to promote, you can get a little creative with your email messages. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make a downloadable checklist or bingo card of the best seasonal treats on your restaurant partners’ menus. Be sure to ask the restaurants for ideas! They can probably tell you what’s popular.
  • Post an interview with a restaurant owner. Ask them their favorite thing on the menu and their favorite thing to cook for themselves at home.
  • Ask your restaurant clients to share their staff’s favorite items on the menu. Share the list over email and challenge your customers to try them all!


Remember, your goal is to prompt people to place an order. So be sure to send them emails that they’re excited to open—and make them hungry. Mouthwatering food pictures are a must!

RDSs run on streamlined communication, from customer emails to driver updates. Managing so many conversations at once can be challenging—unless you have the right platform. But, don’t give up on restaurant delivery email marketing.

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