Restaurant business trends have changed dramatically over the last year and a half. Many of the corresponding trends mean good things for the food delivery side of your business.

We pulled together a list of these trends that are especially relevant to restaurant delivery:

The appetite for delivery will only increase

Restaurant delivery became more popular than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. And we don’t expect to see that trend change any time soon. As Phil put it in the latest issue of Phil’s Field Notes:

We believe we’re seeing genuine habit formation around food pickup and delivery, which is great news for restaurants. – Phil Dumontet

The data shows an even stronger sentiment: 53% of adults claim that delivery is now an essential part of their lives. The delivery side of your restaurant has the potential to be considered not just as a luxury but even a necessity for more of your clients. Good service is all about meeting your customers’ needs, and robust delivery service is the way to achieve that goal.

More delivery options are becoming available

Currently, food delivery accounts for roughly 14% of restaurant sales, and that number is projected to reach 25% in the next few years. As a result, eateries that have not traditionally offered delivery are beginning to experiment with it as demand grows.

Bars have found ways to deliver their signature cocktails, high-end restaurants are bringing the fine dining experience to people’s homes. Even ice cream shops are joining the fray by dropping home-churned pints on people’s doorsteps.

Some restaurants are even jumping on the meal kit trend.

This is your chance to think outside the box when it comes to your delivery service. Embrace this open-minded attitude toward what restaurant delivery can look like and try something new.

Every generation likes food delivery.

There’s always something in the news these days about squabbles between different generations, but there’s one thing they appear to agree on: a love for restaurant delivery. Every generation is more likely to order delivery now than they were a year and a half ago, and that preference for at-home dining is not expected to fade.

Delivery is a way to delight customers from all walks of life. Whether it’s high-risk populations or people with mobility limitations who are unable to safely visit restaurants. Or busy parents, students, or professionals who work long hours and may not have time for the full sit-down experience. When you offer food delivery, you create the opportunity for all your customers to access and experience your unique spin on a delicious meal.

An option for those who order directly from their favorite restaurant.

64% of adults prefer to order directly from the restaurant. That means that choosing self-delivery can give you a distinct advantage since you’re catering directly to what your customers want.

The right restaurant delivery software even gives you the flexibility to customize your online ordering platform. With self-delivery, you have control over every step of the delivery process. Plus, you can design an experience that will leverage the current restaurant business trends and keep your customers coming back for more.