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Two big restaurant delivery holidays are right around the corner. Is your RDS ready?

We’re fresh off the traditional holiday season when families turn to old recipes and homemade meals for comfort and joy. But there’s another round of celebrations coming up, and restaurants are doing the cooking: Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine’s Day.

As you may have noticed, these two heavy hitters are just a day apart this year. Restaurants will be hustling to pivot overnight from wings and beer to chocolate and champagne. And many of their customers will be dining from home.

The host of Super Bowl Sunday is whoever has the biggest TV, and that’s not always a local restaurant. Many Super Bowl parties get their wings and garlic bread delivered. Additionally, only 43% of Americans—down from 69%—plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a restaurant this year. Our guess is that a lot more couples will be ordering in.

For you and your RDS, this means two very busy days.

Of course, this is excellent for your business. It’s an opportunity to connect with new customers and capitalize on two significant restaurant delivery holidays. But it’s also a lot of work. Restaurants and RDSs alike will be running at full capacity to keep up with demand, and people will get tired. But, with a good plan and the right mindset, you can set your team up for success.

Here are my tips for making the most of these back-to-back holidays.

Confirm any specials with your restaurant clients.

A lot of restaurants offer special deals and packages on holidays. For Super Bowl Sunday, it’s all the fan favorites: wings, pizza, and guacamole dip. For Valentine’s Day, that might be a sweetheart special—or something with “lonely hearts” in the title.

Check with your restaurant clients and see what sort of specials they’re offering for each day. Then, make sure those specials are listed on your platform.

Send out an email newsletter or two.

Make sure your delivery customers know they can order special meals for Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine’s Day. Send a newsletter to your email list—post on social media. Spread the word so your customers know you can help them make the day memorable.

Just make sure you’re marketing special items and using festive graphics appropriately for each day. Don’t flag a bucket of chicken and extra fries as a romantic Valentine’s Day special, for example. (Not judging the chicken fans.)

Also, be sure to inform your customers that they can schedule their deliveries in advance. Advance orders are much more likely to be delivered on time, especially if they’re big orders. Put a note in your newsletter so your customers can plan ahead.

It’s all hands on deck.

Your RDS is likely to be very, very busy for two days in a row. Get as many of your drivers on the schedule as possible so you can take advantage of the demand. Of course, football fans and sweethearts may be reluctant to work. You might offer a hefty incentive, such as bonus pay, for anyone who does work those days.

Be mindful of the weather.

In many parts of the country, February weather is nasty and unpredictable. Make sure your drivers understand that their safety comes first. Encourage them to bundle up and drive carefully. You might even send out a reminder to fuel up, replace windshield wipers, and prepare delivery vehicles ahead of time.

Take care of your drivers.

They’re in for a couple of long days—and a lot of hours in the car. So check in to make sure they’re staying hydrated and eating a snack now and then. You might even Venmo them a few bucks to get a coffee or other hot beverage. They’ll appreciate your care.

February may be a quiet season for many industries, but for RDSs, it’s restaurant delivery holidays gold rush. With a good marketing plan and a driver team that’s ready to go, you can capitalize on this busy season. So, from all of us at DataDreamers, Happy Valentine’s Day, and may your favorite team win!

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