Here are four valuable datadreamers software features you may not have known about.

As restaurant delivery becomes more popular, everyone involved needs a better tool to make the process efficient. The restaurant, the driver, and the delivery customer have different needs to ensure a smooth delivery experience.

Interestingly, the DataDreamers founder became intimately familiar with those specific needs early in his career as a delivery driver. As a result, the software and apps have been honed over the years to include special features for everyone.

In this article, we’re sharing the details on four lesser-known features that make DataDreamers stand out.

Customers can upload a photo of their delivery meals.

With the DataDreamers app, your delivery customers can share their pictures of favorite menu items. The upload feature is easy to use and integrates directly with the menu.

There are two significant benefits here:

  1. First, these extra photos make it easier to entice other customers.

Customer photos are a powerful form of social proof and a vital way to build trust.

2. You can incentivize photo uploads by offering a reward.

For example, you could run a month-long campaign.

Everyone who uploads a photo enters their name into a drawing for a gift card or other prize. The more photos someone uploads, the more entries they get. You might spend $100 on a gift card in exchange for dozens of great customer images.

From a marketing perspective, that’s a great ROI.

A split payment feature makes the food delivery experience hassle-free for big groups.

The days of making exact change with coins scrounged from a cup holder are long gone. The DataDreamers software features in the app allow groups to split up the order and pay with separate credit cards. As a result, groups can enjoy the delivery experience without the stress of splitting payment. The outcome: Your RDS can build a reputation as an excellent option for groups.

Delivery drivers can receive non-disruptive audio push notifications.

It’s no secret that distracted driving is dangerous. For example, if a delivery driver constantly attends to notifications or fusses with an app, they’re not driving safely.

The DataDreamers app is built with driver safety in mind. As often as possible, drivers receive alerts via audio, so no action is necessary. In addition, important push notifications are designed for easy dismissal with just one tap. As a result, your RDS drivers stays informed while keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

Each restaurant customer gets their own custom subdomain.

This particular DataDreamers software feature benefits both your RDS and your restaurant customers. Each restaurant gets a custom URL for its own menu. This link makes it much easier for them to market delivery to their customers, which means more business for you. You can also include this link directly on your site, so they get traffic from you as well.

Another excellent menu feature: Your restaurant customers can easily update their delivery menu online. They can adjust their offerings and pricing at a moment’s notice without having to do any back-and-forth with you. That way, you each can focus on what you do best and grow your businesses side by side.

DataDreamers is committed to improving these and other features to improve the restaurant delivery experience.

Are there other features you love or want to see? Tell us in the comments.