A new way to think about food delivery service that has nothing to do with money.

Financial experts say that, after many months, inflation is starting to cool down a little. However, many people are still being careful with their spending and avoiding frivolous expenses. Many Americans have reported that they’re cutting back their restaurant delivery budgets specifically.

Needless to say, this is worrying for restaurant delivery service (RDS) owners. But there’s no escaping the fact that food delivery is, technically, a luxury service. Most people can pick a recipe, go to the grocery store, prep ingredients, and cook a meal. With that in mind, how do you convince people that choosing delivery instead is worth the money?

Simple: Don’t make it about the money. Focus on everything you’re delivering in addition to the food.

The non-financial value of food delivery services

Yes, when we’re talking about restaurant delivery, the primary deliverable is food. But food delivery provides other non-quantifiable benefits that should not be overlooked: time, stress-free dining, and a new experience.


Cooking a meal, or even picking up takeout, takes time. A meal may come together in under 30 minutes, but that doesn’t include time spent:

  • Choosing a recipe.
  • Driving to and from the grocery store.
  • Choosing, purchasing, and storing ingredients.

Similarly, you can easily spend nearly an hour picking up a meal from a restaurant fifteen minutes from your house.

When someone orders delivery, that time can be used for countless other things. A conversation with a loved one, playtime with children, or even a nap. If the food is for a party or large event, that time can be spent on decorations or other preparations. People with busy schedules are often more than willing to pay for the privilege of getting their time back.

It’s also worth noting that delivery is often cheaper per hour than other services. A $10 delivery fee may be a small price to pay for an hour of reclaimed time.

Stress-free dining.

As mentioned, preparing a meal requires a lot of time, energy, and mental effort. And while some people love cooking, others find it immensely stressful. This is especially true when hosting special guests, hosting an event, or just juggling multiple evening activities. Delivery allows for the pleasure of good food without the stress of preparation. Many people are happy to pay for delivery if it means foregoing the stress of making the meal themselves. Plus, there’s no pressure on the cook to make a knockout meal. The chef will take care of that.

A new experience.

Restaurant delivery connects people to experiences that may otherwise be inaccessible. Busy schedules, small children, disabilities, or other complications may make the restaurant experience difficult for some. Delivery makes it possible for them to still enjoy a truly special dining experience.

Additionally, some foods are just too difficult or complicated to prepare at home. Not everyone has the patience—and equipment!—to roll sushi, deep-fry chicken, or spiralize a vegetable. Delivery allows people to tap into the culinary talents of others and try something totally new—at any time.

How to communicate the value of restaurant delivery

You can leverage these value-add deliverables by weaving them into your messaging. You might consider a campaign around a message such as:

  • “Less time sautéing, more time playing.”
  • “Cross ‘make dinner’ off your packed to-do list. Order in tonight.”
  • “The taste of Tokyo without leaving him. See the full sushi menu.”
  • “Impress your guests without the mess. See your delivery options for your next dinner party.”

You get the idea.

Of course, some customers will always be price conscious above all else. It’s okay to promote sales and special deals, too. But don’t forget that money isn’t the only resource to consider here. Be creative!

How do you position your value to your customers? Tell us in the comments!